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Leaders & executives consulting

Leadership and executive consulting is tailored specifically for executives and individuals in leadership positions. It provides bespoke consulting designed to support the creation and communication of feasible goals, foster a motivating environment, and enhance communication with subordinates and stakeholders. Oriel Consulting focuses on developing leadership skills, strategic thinking, and effective decision-making to enable leaders to navigate complex challenges, inspire their teams, and drive organizational success.

Personal development consulting

Personal development consulting involves creating and overseeing strategies to help individuals define, overcome, and achieve short-term and long-term goals. This type of consulting focuses on an individual’s ambition and success, providing tailored guidance to enhance personal growth, boost self-awareness, and develop essential skills. By addressing personal challenges and leveraging strengths, personal development consulting empowers individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their desired outcomes.

Burnout consulting for executives

Executive burnout consulting identifies, prevents, and manages burnout among high-level executives and leaders. This specialized consulting service addresses individuals’ unique stressors and demands in top leadership positions, offering tailored strategies to maintain their well-being and productivity. By conducting thorough assessments and implementing personalized intervention plans, we help leaders recognize early signs of burnout, develop effective coping mechanisms, and create sustainable work-life balance. This proactive approach enhances individual health and performance and contributes to overall organizational resilience and success.


Strategy consulting

« High-end « support is needed to develop, achieve, and improve your corporate goals. Corporate strategy consulting focuses on helping organizations define, develop, and implement strategic initiatives to achieve long-term business goals. By working closely with executive teams to formulate actionable plans, we support innovation, enhance competitive advantage, and ensure sustainable success. Ultimately, our corporate strategy consulting empowers organizations to navigate complex business environments, capitalize on emerging trends, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Leadership excellence support

Companies should proactively create a supportive, motivating, and creative environment. Embracing a « health and well-being conscious » management approach is essential for achieving true corporate success and ensuring steady, long-term growth. Leadership excellence support focuses on empowering leaders by addressing their specific needs, fostering their development, and providing them with the tools to excel. By investing in leadership excellence, organizations can enhance their leaders’ capabilities, drive innovation, and build a resilient, high-performing, well-equipped workforce to navigate future challenges.

Negociation and conflict resolution

Negotiations and conflict resolution are critical skills for effective leadership, particularly when engaging in complex and high-stakes conversations. Leadership consulting and support in these areas equip leaders with the strategies and techniques to navigate challenging situations successfully. This includes preparing for negotiations, understanding different conflict styles, and developing the ability to find mutually beneficial solutions. Expert guidance helps leaders manage emotions, communicate clearly, and maintain a collaborative atmosphere, even under pressure. By mastering negotiation and conflict resolution, leaders can build stronger relationships, foster trust, and achieve favorable outcomes that support organizational goals and promote a harmonious workplace.

M & A

M & A consulting focuses on creating positive and meaningful relationships that generate added value for all parties involved in a merger or acquisition. We provide advisory services to help clients understand the economic, financial, and strategic drivers behind M & A activities. In addition, we support clients through both the pre-deal and post-deal phases, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction by helping to identify potential targets, negotiate terms, and structure the deal to maximize value. In the post-deal phase, our consulting focuses on integration planning, cultural alignment, and realizing synergies to achieve the anticipated benefits. By offering comprehensive support throughout the entire M & A process, we can help the organization navigate complexities, mitigate risks, and capitalize on growth opportunities, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

Finance consulting

Finance consulting provides critical support to executives and entrepreneurs in creating robust financial and business plans that are presentable to various financial institutions. This type of consulting helps clients develop flexible financial models that can adapt to different kinds of financing, ensuring that their financial strategies align with their business goals.
Additionally, our finance consulting plays a pivotal role in negotiating with potential financial investors and institutions to secure favorable terms and conditions.
By offering strategic financial guidance, finance consulting empowers clients to make informed decisions, attract investment, and achieve economic stability and growth. This support is crucial for navigating the complexities of financial management and ensuring their ventures’ long-term success and sustainability.

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